Welcome to The Klondike River Distillery

The First Distillery in The Yukon

The Klondike River Distillery is the Yukon’s pioneer Distillery and is right in the heart of the “Klondike”. It is the most Northern in Canada and as far as we know the only one that is off grid with no amenities. The water is hauled, the firewood is cut, the snow is melted and the power is generated.  Access is limited as we are cut off from the world for weeks at a time while the mighty Yukon River freezes or thaws. Being at the mercy of the Yukon elements and dealing with temperatures that range from 30oC in summer to -54oC in the depths of the dark winter means nothing runs smoothly…except the vodka of course!

 We are a family run operation nestled within the endless, quiet forests surrounding the remote, historical town  of Dawson City, made famous (and possible) by the incredible Klondike Gold Rush of 1898, when 40,000 gold seekers hurled themselves over the mountain passes in their stampede to the elusive Klondike River. Dawson City today is home to about 2000 people and adventure is on every corner of the dirt streets. Endless, pristine wilderness whispers from the town boundary, the Klondike rushes into the Yukon River, teams of huskies, waiting for winter, howl at the midnight sun and on occasion moose run through the street.

 All that is Klondike, that is truly Yukon is reflected in our hand-crafted vodka. We work hard with the Yukon, not against her to craft a vodka that represents her beauty, her people, their way of life and the purity of her gold ... Every sip is an adventure!

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