Klondike Vodka - The Spirit of the Yukon

This premium  vodka is the very first spirit to be legally produced in the Yukon Territory. It reflects in every sense the pioneer spirit of the Great Gold Rush of 1898 which opened up the Yukon to the 'outside'. 

 It is crafted with care in small batches on stills specially designed and hand built by us.
Our distilling methods  are slow and careful, as the locals say  "they  are on Yukon time." With this slow and steady "Yukon" technique we take out all the impurities to leave a Crystal clear product that we carefully blend with the gold laced waters of the Klondike to create a vodka that is as pure, pristine and adventurous as the wilderness it represents.

This pioneer product is made truly unique by the addition of gold-flakes and the hand numbering and sealing of every bottle with black wax.
.... Every sip is a Klondike adventure.

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